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Welcome to Wargamer Minis !

Here you will find high quality miniatures and scenery for your tabletop wargames.

We select models from talented artists that we find useful and compatible with your favorite games.

High quality miniatures

All our miniatures are 3D printed in high resolution in our workshop located in Normandy (France).

We use the best UV resin on the market for the making of our miniatures. Ameralabs TGM-7 is specially designed for miniature printing, it is very durable and precise to guarantee a maximum of details without risk of breakage during your epic moves.

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Personalized service and fast delivery

You want to print models that we don't have in our catalog? Ask us for a personalized quote and we will reply as soon as possible.

Finally, your packages are prepared with the greatest care and delivered quickly to your door, wherever you are.

Feel free to contact us via the Contact section, and to join our community on

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